Design Brief: Affuteur Shannon (Shannon Sharpener) is knife sharpening and restoration business in Quebec, CA. The business was created in 2013 by CEO, Richard Fortin. Richard asked me to create a brand identity and business package for him, so I thought why help him out. The main idea of this project is to create an identity that can be known throughout neighboring towns and show off his craft and services appropriately. The target audience will be knife owners and knife buyer in the hunting, culinary, personal and hobby fields. Richard is a family man, old trucker, and a loyal resident so I wanted to incorporate few reoccurring themes. A clover can been throughout the design package, since the town of Shannon is an old Irish immigrant town. As well, as local landscape picture and before and after pictures of his work to give the package an authentic feel. This is a work in progress, that will be translated into French once all the content is created.
Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card Front and Business Card Back
1 Flyer
Brochure Design
3 Spot Ads
Temporary Live Website
3 Post Cards
Products and Presentation
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